2015 Copa América Chile: 309 Million Facebook Interactions from 59 Million Users

Some 59 million Facebook users generated about 309 million posts, comments and likes during 2015 Copa América Chile, which ran from June 11 through July 4.

The totals from Facebook are from the time period spanning June 1 through July 4.

Chile, the host country, emerged victorious for the first time ever.

Felipe Kozlowski, who handles sports partnerships in Latin America for Facebook, detailed some of the social network’s initiatives related to the soccer tournament in a Facebook Media blog post:

Fans were able to cast their votes and predict the winners for the Copa América Awards on the Copa América Facebook page. The winner of the best young player award was based on Facebook votes, while many also used the polling feature to predict who would win the top scorer, best goalkeeper and fair play awards. Sideline advertisements for the awards ran at every match since the quarterfinals, encouraging fans in the stadium to vote on Facebook.

Facebook worked with the main right holders to integrate Facebook posts, data and application-programming interfaces into their broadcasts. For example, Teletrece in Chile used the hashtag counter API and integrated Facebook data into multiple segments:

In Argentina, TV Pública also highlighted Facebook stats, player posts and more throughout its coverage of the Copa.

Fans also chatted about the Copa America on Messenger, and many used the sticker pack we released for the Copa. As of July 2, 15 million people had downloaded the stickers.


Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during 2015 Copa América Chile?



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