Mobile Game Roundup: The Executive, Divide by Sheep and More

As we head into another weekend, there are plenty of new titles available for mobile gamers to try, including Hidden Heroes, a strategy role-playing from 505 Games Mobile. The game allows players to scan QR codes and barcodes on real-world products in order to discover new lands to explore and conquer within the game.

Elsewhere, Super Evil Megacorp’s MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), Vainglory, has been fully, commercially launched on iOS and Android, complete with a new hero and other in-game features. Finally, SEGA and Picomy released Heroki, an action-adventure game developed over the past five years.

Looking for a different game to try this weekend? Here’s a look at a few more games released this week.

The Executive ($2.99 on iOS) – From Riverman Media, The Executive is a fighting game that places players in the role of CEO at a company being attacked by werewolves. Players must battle these enemies to save their employees and, eventually, the entire city. The game features 120 levels at launch, which combine fighting and rhythm game elements. During combat, players rapidly tap on the screen to attack enemies or tap and hold to defend themselves from attack, while each level’s stunt sequences see gamers swiping on prompts at the right time to crash through vending machines, walls, ceilings and more to reach the next enemy. Players collect money in each stage, which can be spent to upgrade their hero or overall company, with company upgrades increasing their earnings over time. In celebration of its launch, The Executive is 40 percent off for a limited time.

Shapes: Match & Catch (Free on iOS, Android) – From developer VIM Digital and publisher Thumbspire, Shapes: Match & Catch offers one-touch game play, with players asked to tap on the screen to move a pail at the bottom of the screen to catch matching shapes. The pail is split into sections for shapes like crowns, squares and more, and players must ensure that the pail is in the correct position as shapes of all varieties randomly fall from the top of the screen. As games progress, additional columns and shapes are added to the screen and pail, increasing the challenge. Players can share their high scores with friends.

Marble Monster (Free on iOS, Android) – Developed by Nterfun and published by Inflo Games, Marble Monster is an action RPG, allowing players to collect more than 500 monsters and battle through over 100 levels at launch. In each battle, a player’s team is represented by marbles on the game board, and players tap and drag their finger to launch their marbles at enemy marbles to do damage. Players will collect new monsters as they complete battles, and they can upgrade their favorites over time. In addition to a single-player campaign, Marble Monster features guilds and player-vs.-player battles.

Ramboat (Free on Android) – Previously released on iOS, Ramboat, from Genera Games, is a mix between an endless runner and an arcade shooter, challenging players to defeat enemies as they control their boat’s speed in the water. In each game, the boat moves automatically, and players tap and hold to make the boat speed up and approach the right side of the screen. Letting go makes the boat slow down and move to the left, while swiping up or down makes the boat jump out of or dive into the water. Players collect weapon pickups, coins and more as they progress, and must avoid oncoming fire from all directions.

Shake Duck Off

Shake Duck Off (Free on iOS) – From Pine Entertainment, Shake Duck Off resembles the classic game of Duck Hunt, as players control a dog who must shoot ducks before they fly off of the screen. Players tilt their device to aim at each duck, and shake their device to fire once they’ve locked onto the target. Games continue until three ducks have escaped. Users can share their high scores with friends after each game.

Bike Life

Bike Life (Free on iOS, Android) – iM3 Gaming Studios, in partnership with recording artist Meek Mill, has released Bike Life on mobile devices. The endless riding game resembles games like Subway Surfers, as players swipe left and right to control their vehicle’s movement across three lanes and swipe up (including a double swipe) to jump over obstacles. Players must avoid obstacles including vehicles, oil spills and more, and will also collect coins as they race. These can be spent on additional character costumes or vehicles in the game’s store.

Ruby Run (Free on Android) – From Upopa Games, the in-house game studio at ironSource, Ruby Run is a side-scrolling action running game, challenging players to escape a laser beam by avoiding obstacles in their running path. Over time, players will collect gems and will also unlock multiple guns, which can be used to destroy items in the environment and clear a running path. Players can compete against their Facebook friends, and they will automatically receive free in-game currency each time a Facebook friend starts to play the game, without the need to manually invite them.

Aliengine (Free on iOS) – From independent developer and publisher Fight4Dream, Aliengine is a space-themed endless survival game, asking players to tap on the screen to move their ship and avoid the obstacles approaching from all directions. The ship shoots at obstacles automatically, and it may sometimes trigger the appearance of power-ups, like one that freezes all obstacles for a short time, as an example. Players work to survive as long as possible and earn a high score.

AlphaBetty Saga (Free on Amazon) – Following its release on Facebook, iOS and Android, King’s word game has launched on the Amazon Appstore. In the game, players drag their finger across letter tiles to create words, with each level having a different goal. Players may need to free the letter tiles trapped in bubbles, collect pieces of cheese or simply earn a large number of points before running out of moves, as examples. Players create power-ups as they form words as least four letters long, which can help them complete tricky stages.

G.I. Joe Strike (Free on iOS, Android) – From DragonVale company Backflip Studios, in partnership with Hasbro, G.I. Joe Strike is a fighting game, placing gamers in the role of Snake Eyes as he fights against the enemy ninja clan on a quest to reach his rival, Storm Shadow. In each level, players tap on the left and right sides of the screen to attack oncoming enemies, and they may collect bonus weapons and coins from falling air drops. While some enemies require multiple hits to defeat during melee combat, guns will defeat enemies in a single hit. In between stages, players can collect more than 100 collectible cards, which are purchased using either free or premium currency. Free cards are single-user cards, while premium cards may unlock new fighting moves or weapons for Snake Eyes, as examples.

Divide by Sheep ($2.99 on iOS) – Developed by Bread Team and published by tinyBuild, Divide by Sheep is a math puzzle game asking players to save the world’s sheep from a flood triggered by the Grim Reaper. In each level, players must save the sheep by moving them across tiny islands that can each only hold a limited number of sheep. Players must rescue sheep in specific group sizes, determined by the numbers at the left of the screen. Gamers swipe to move sheep between islands, and they must do so in the proper order to ensure the groups are the proper sizes before reaching the rescue boats, even if it means sacrificing a few sheep in the process. Divide by Sheep is also available to purchase on Steam.


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