Jeb Jumps In: Bush Announces Presidential Campaign on Snapchat

CHj6GgLUAAAjQ-wHillary Clinton isn’t the only social-savvy candidate for the 2016 U.S. presidency. Republican challenger Jeb Bush announced his intentions to run Monday via Snapchat.

Bush, the Florida governor and brother of George W. Bush, teased his announcement with a Snapchat message branded with a special logo on the filter.

Bush’s communications director, Tim Miller, discussed the announcement with Yahoo News:

Everyone was excited about the opportunity to reach a broad, younger audience, give people a more authentic view of what happens at an announcement. Jeb is a tech nerd of sorts, so he is always wanting to use the freshest tools.

It’ll be interesting to see what Bush does with Snapchat throughout his campaign. He’s not the first candidate to announce through Snapchat (as CNN notes, that’s Gov. Rick Perry), but he doesn’t have an account.

CNN points out that Sen. Rand Paul (SenatorRandPaul), Sen. Marco Rubio (marcorubio2016) and Perry (GovernorPerry) all have Snapchat accounts.

Bush’s announcement is featured in the Snapchat Stories section.

Readers: Which 2016 candidate is doing the best job on social so far?

Image courtesy of Alex Cervasio and Ariana Alfonso on Twitter.


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