[Headlinr Review] Honest Review & Bonus Strategies

[Headlinr Review] Honest Review & Bonus Strategieshttp://clika.pe/l/6966/19764/

Headlinr.com Product Review [LOOK] Headlinr Bonus

Writing copy is hard…we make it easy

Copywriting Is Time Consuming and Expensive, Headlinr Turns Your Web Browser Into A

One-Click Copywriting Machine…Even for Facebook ads

It installs in a few seconds.

Clicking the logo in the toolbar and entering a keyword, will prompt headlinr to suggest over 300 headlines that you can copy and paste into your ad copy.

Q: What exactly is this?

When producing content, writing emails, sales copy or content marketing. Coming up with the perfect headline is hard. Headlinr overcomes this by suggesting hundreds of headlines that you can copy and paste into your content.

Q: Is this a WordPress Plugin?

No – it’s a software tool called an ‘Extension or Add-on’ that loads into your web browser Once it’s licensed you never need to login again – it’s always instantly available at your fingertips.

Q: Does it work on Internet Explorer or Apple Safari?

No at this time we do not have an implementation for those web browsers. We highly recommend switching to Chrome or Firefox as we have found them to be the fastest across most platforms.

Q: How long does it take to install?

After purchase we’ll send you a link to the Google or Firefox store. The Extension will install in approximately 8 seconds. Once in your toolbar, click it and enter your license key. Have fun and increase your conversions immediately.

[Headlinr Review] Honest Review & Bonus Strategies







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